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Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient
The drugs are formulated using excipients and active pharmaceutical ingredients. APIs, like Rocuronium Bromide, Meloxicam, Docusate Sodium, Minoxidil and more in powdered form are available for purchase in bulk.
Speciality Chemical
Liquid and powder based Specialty Chemicals are accessible in different formulations and chemical attributes based specifications. Stable chemical properties, pure content, accessibility in various viscosity ranges and standard shelf life are the key features of these chemicals. Due to their non toxic content, these chemicals are safe to handle.
Pharmaceutical Chemicals
Known for their pure content, these Pharmaceutical Chemicals are used as the basic ingredients during formulation of medicines. Accessible in various composition and attributes based options, these chemicals deserve praise for their impurities free content. This product range is accessible at reasonable price.
Industrial Chemicals
These liquid and powder based Industrial Chemicals are well known for their compositional accuracy. Free from odor, these chemicals express their various properties with the change in temperature and pressure. Long shelf life, pure content and non toxic composition are the key features of this product range.
Chemical Supplies
Available in free flow powder form, this array of Chemical Supplies is well known for its compositional accuracy, toxin free content and versatile nature. These highly pure chemicals have wide applications in different industries. These can be stored for specific duration.
Pharmaceutical Raw Materials
The production of pharmaceutical drugs and medicinal products require a range of pharmaceutical raw materials. These powdered components used in the medication formulation play an essential role in finding out the effectiveness, safety, and quality of medicines.
Protein Powder
Soy protein isolate powder is a fine, light yellow plant-based protein supplement that supplies all essential amino acids that are required by the body. Fitness enthusiasts rely on this supplement to build & repair muscles and support bone health.
Nutritional Ingredients
Nutritional ingredients available in the form of powder are used in food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. These ingredients are used as flavoring agent, natural seasoning and protein supplement.
Methylene Blue
Buy from us pharmaceutical grade methylene blue that is used in several ways in the medical field. It is majorly used as a staining agent in several medical procedures and a topical antiseptic and antifungal agent. It is also used in medication that treats methemoglobinemia.
Industrial sectors, such as cosmetics, personal care and pharmaceuticals, use preservatives in their products to prevent the growth of bacteria, mold, and yeast. These are used to extend the shelf life of products.
Magnesium Turnings
The fine shavings of magnesium referred to as magnesium metal turnings have many industrial applications. They are used in chemical reactions, water treatment systems, welding and brazing processes, and production of magnesium-based alloys.
Acid Slurry Chemical
Acid slurry chemical, also called as Labsa 96, is an essential ingredient in the detergent, industrial cleaner, household cleaner, textile, leather and many other industries. The cleaning and emulsifying properties of this chemical make it an indispensable part of industrial and household cleaning processes.

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